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CPC Driver Training

T.M.S. Cumbria is pleased to be able to offer the following range of driver CPC courses and training to assist you in the running of your transport business.

We will be offering all our clients accredited training based around the application of the Regulations either on your premises or at our approved training school.

Qualification is by attendance so there are no tests or exams to take at the end of the course.

We are providing 3 courses each lasting 7 hours covering:

1. Driver's Hours & Tachograph Rules, WTD Regulations & Daily Walkaround checks.

2. Digital Tachographs, Employers & Driver's Responsibilities.

3. Vulnerable Road Users and Highway Code

Course 1

Drivers Hours and Tachograph Rules

The Tachograph
Employers legal responsibilities
Drivers legal responsibilities
The chart - including centre-field requirements
Hand written entries - including manual recording, change of vehicle and defects
Mode switch selection - correct use of the switch
Drivers Hours and Tachograph rules - Regulation EC 561/2006 - EC 3821/85
To include -
Definition of "Days", "Weeks", "Fortnight",
Interpretation of the 4½ hr. driving rule, spread-over, daily driving limits,
daily rest, split rest, weekly rest and compensation requirements,
ferryboat and train journeys, multi-manned duties.

WTD regulations
Who is affected Non Mobile, Mobile Occasional workers and Self Employed

Definition of Working Time, Periods of Availability, Breaks

Weekly Working Time Limits (and how to calculate them)

Definition of Night work

Night working limits and Health Assessments

Reference periods

Holiday entitlement

Record keeping Requirements

Daily walk-around check

Driver Responsibilities / Employers Responsibilities

External Checks / Internal Checks

Monitoring the Road worthiness of your vehicle

System for Recording and Reporting Defects

Course 2

Digital Tachographs,

Employers & Drivers Responsibilities

Digital Tachograph

Vehicle Unit



Tachograph Cards

Driver - legal responsibilities

Company - legal responsibilities



Using the Digital Tachograph

The Display

Card Insertion and Log In

Manual Entries

Activity Buttons - Mode Switch etc

UTC Time and Local Time

Driver Card - Log Off


Out of Scope Conditions

Ferry Crossings

Multi - Manning


Understanding a printout

Various Types of Printouts

Operational Procedures

Mixed Tachographs (Analogue and Digital)

Course 3

Vulnerable Road Users and Highway Code

To improve the drivers knowledge of the highway code and identify vulnerable road users.

Vulnerable Road Users/Highway Code - Pedestrians
LGV and PCV awareness of Pedestrians

Vulnerable Road Users/Highway Code - Cyclists/Motor Cyclists
LGV and PCV awareness of Cyclists/Motor Cyclists

Vulnerable Road Users/Highway Code - Horse Riders
LGV and PCV awareness of Horse Riders


Contact Us either by contact us button at top of page or details below:

W. Hamilton TMS Cumbria Ltd
Unit P Hadrian Enterprise Park,
Northumberland .
NE49 0EX
United Kingdom

Phone: 01434 322879 and ask for Billy

Fax: 01434322879

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