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Snapshot Analysis

Do you ever worry that you are not keeping within the complicated driver's hours rules?

We can offer a snapshot analysis service which would answer that question.

Send us 1, 5, or 10 driver's charts for a month and we will analyse them under EU only, or combined WTD & EU Rules - whichever you prefer. We will post them back to you with a Driver Weekly Infringement report per driver, a Vehicle Utilisation Report per vehicle, an Infringement Summary, and a Working Time Directive Summary (WTD Only).

Offer available at this special rate only once per customer/company

1 driver £6.50 plus VAT
5 drivers £30.00 plus VAT
10 drivers £55.00 plus VAT

Give us a call first and then simpy post your charts to:

W. Hamilton T.M.S. Cumbria Ltd.
Unit 3 Station Court
Northumberland, NE49 9HN

Please provide us with a covering letter stating your full postal address plus:
a contact name and phone number
the type of analysis you require (i.e. EU only or combined EU & WTD)
a list of the driver's names
a list of the vehicle registrations
the name of the home base

Contact Us either by contact us button at top of page or details below:

W. Hamilton TMS Cumbria Ltd
Unit 3 Station Court
Northumberland .
NE49 9HN
United Kingdom

Phone: 01434 322879 and ask for Billy or Linda


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