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We have 31 years experience in the analysis of Tachograph data (both analogue and digital), and are able to offer analysis under EU Regulations and/or working time directive regulations.

We deliver a highly accurate independent analysis service, and are a friendly, helpful company who are always at the end of the phone if you have any queries or worries..

We will provide you with a wide variety of reports including driver and vehicle utilisation, faults, and weekly Working Time Directive Summaries.

Our customers are located in all corners of the UK, distance is not a problem.

Transport Management Services

We provide a comprehensive range of:

Tachograph Chart and Digital Data Analysis - interpretation of EU & Road Transport Directive Rules and Regulations, Forensic Analysis, Driver's Hours Law Training, Managerial Seminars, Company Tachograph Audits and Consultation Services to the transport industry, as well as Supplying Quality Charts and Accessories.

Our senior analysts have been involved in the industry for many years and have extensive experience in the business of tachograph chart analysis and analysis of digital data. They are expert analysts in their own right and fully conversant in the interpretation of Tachograph use and Drivers Hours Rules and Regulations.

The checking of Tachograph records for Drivers Hours Rules and Regulations offences requires both time and skill and is a mandatory part of any transport business.

T.M.S. Cumbria provide a fast and efficient service providing comprehensive easy to read reports giving you time to concentrate on more profitable aspects of the business as well as peace of mind knowing you are fulfilling your legal obligation to check your drivers records.

You are also helping to safeguard your operators licence and at the same time effecting a more efficient utilisation of your drivers and vehicles.

T.M.S. Cumbria can help to keep you on the move safely and legally


Rapid turnaround

Easy to read driver weekly reports relating to :-
Start and finish times and locations.
Total spreadover.
Total times of Drive, Other work, Periods of Availability,Rest recorded.
Distance travelled.
Average speed.
Running fortnightly driving total.
Daily Rest
Rest period from finish of one duty to commencement of next duty.
Drivers infringements, errors and compensation requirements.
Mode, distance and speed stylus malfunctions.
Drivers memos - individual memos to the driver relating to any breach of the rules and regulations.

Fleet management reports relating to :-
Driver performance - individual driver reports covering a specified time period charting drivers duty times.
Vehicle performance - individual vehicle reports covering a specified time period charting vehicles performance.
Fuel Analysis.
Plus various types of reports tailored to suit your needs.

T.M.S. has a technical development team ensuring that the reports generated are kept up to date with current regulations.


It is the responsibility of both employers and drivers to ensure that they understand and comply with the drivers hours and tachograph rules. (Ignorance of the rules is not accepted as an excuse). There is, at this present time, in force a maximum fine of £2,500 for breach of the drivers hours rules and a maximum fine of £5,000 for failing to install or use a tachograph. Deliberate falsification of a tachograph records can result in 2 years imprisonment and or a £5,000 fine. Convictions may be taken into account by Licensing Authorities in deciding whether to grant or renew an operators licence or HGV drivers licence.
With this in mind T.M.S. runs Driver’s Hours Law Training Seminars on your premises at a time and date to suit you.

The subjects covered are :-
The Tachograph
Employees legal responsibilities
Drivers legal responsibilities
The chart - including centrefield requirements
Hand written entries - including manual recording, change of vehicle and defects
Mode switch selection - correct use of the switch (semi - automatic and manual)
Drivers Hours and Tachograph rules - 3820/85 and 3821/85 and Road Transport Directive Regulations

To include -

Definition of "Days, "Weeks", "Fortnight", interpretation of the 4 1/2 hour driving rules, spreadover, daily driving limits, daily rest and compensation requirements, split rest, weekly rest and compensation requirements, ferryboat and train journeys, double manned duties.

Tachograph analysis
Trace identification


Managerial Training Seminars are run so that the Transport Manager or whoever is responsible for checking the drivers tachograph records can obtain an insight into how the tachograph works, what the trace means and the company's legal responsibilities.

The subjects covered are :-
Company's legal responsibilities regarding the Drivers Hours and Tachograph Rules.
Trace identification relating to :- The Speed Trace, The Mode Trace and The Distance
How to recognise :-
Country road driving
Motorway and Highway driving
Town and suburban driving
How to measure distance on the distance trace
Distance discrepancy with the odometer readings
Instrument opened, vehicle driven with the head open and head opened / vehicle moved
Unauthorised overnight vehicle movement
Overlapping traces - clock rewinding
Power loss
Speed base line tolerances, base line too low
Speed, Mode and Distance Stylus malfunctions


T.M.S.’s Forensic Tachograph Analysis Service employs the expertise of the Road Haulage Association’s officially appointed accident/incident analyst.
If the evidence is available from the tachographs recordings it can be compiled into a report suitable for either internal or court use.
This process has been used in many cases over the years from multiple motorway impacts, jack-knife accidents, slow roll overs, speeding, dangerous and careless driving along with the engine seizures and brake failures and braking patterns as well as cases requiring route plotting involving theft, non-delivery of loads or misuse of the vehicle.

The process which involves the microscopic analysis of the tachograph chart brings out the effect of the trace etched into the chart surface and enables the analyst to determine clearly the severity of braking, acceleration and deceleration patterns, impact speeds and the nature and pattern of driving.

Along with photographic evidence of chart sections when required the tachograph chart is now widely accepted as a reliable and independent witness based on fact, not memory, and can help to make substantial savings when used to settle a disagreement before the case reaches the courtroom or tribunal doors.

After an initial analysis, further in depth analysis can be undertaken and representation in court can be provided if required.


T.M.S. has for 31 years been dealing with transport companies and the Ministry of Transport. This has enabled us to acquire expertise, and therefore, recognise exactly what the "Ministry" are looking for when they visit your depot.

We are therefore offering a service to transport companies by way of a tachograph audit. This has been and continues to prove popular with both clients and non-clients alike.

Do you fulfil your obligations in such areas as :-

The issue, collection and storage of records
Bringing infringements to your drivers attention and taking the necessary action
Monitoring improvement if drivers offend
Keeping control of daily and weekly rest reductions
Maintaining an up to date knowledge of drivers hours rules and tachograph use
Keeping adequate records to monitor mileage and missing records
The above are the main points covered by an audit from which a comprehensive report will be compiled with recommendations in areas requiring improvement.


T.M.S. Cumbria is pleased to introduce a new Transport Management Consultancy service in addition to our usual quality analysis service.

Designed to complement and enhance our analysis, our new service will monitor the performance of both drivers and vehicles by keeping a check on missing records and mileage.

Comprehensive reports will highlight and gaps in your records, enabling you to investigate and correct if necessary. Any potential problems with drivers, vehicles or records will be brought to your attention on a regular basis.

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Phone: 01434 322879


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