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The Walkaround App

The Walkaround App

Give your drivers a hassle-free start of the day using our integrated walkaround compliance solution that comes with a driver friendly app which is not only simple to use, but advanced enough to offer streamlined and comprehensive compliance data to enable your Transport Manager to carry out their compliance obligations with ease.

Around 85% of roadside prohibitons due to roadworthiness could have been avoided if an effective walk-around vehicle check had been conducted.



Fully integrated within the system

Intuitive dashboard for managers

Capture and store defect images for evidence

Get instant alerts and notifications

Fully electronic

Driver friendly app

Designed for all

Designed for all

Our intuitive online portal with dashboard will help managers to oversee critical information easily and at a glance. Colour coded, simple terminology and easy to navigate. Track, manage and reduce unnecessary breakdowns and costs.

The easy to use driver's app will allow drivers to capture defects with actual photographs which will be ready to view for the manager instantly and make an informed decision to streamline the day-to-day operations.

Get notified about critical issues straight away. Any defects and critical information are sent directly to the manager's email address with all the relevant information so that they can remedy the problem at the earliest.

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